Stella de Libero Wedding Dresses

gold wedding dress stella libero - marie antoinette inspired rococo bridal collection

If you’re into Marie Antoinette, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in today’s collections by Stella de Libero, a Japanese based label. How about a strapless ball gown, with gold lace details and voluminous pick up skirt? Or, if you prefer something white, this sumptuous wedding dress from Stella’s Rococo collection.

marie antoinette wedding dress - Stella de Libero bridal collection

This dress has asymmetric ruffles on the skirt and heavily beaded bodice. Lovely!

stella de libero bridal 2011 - rococo wedding dresses, princess marie antoinette inspired

From the Kaleidoscope collection. Halter neck wedding dress with waves of fabric on the skirt.

rococo wedding dress stella libero - marie antoinette inspired gowns

Strapless gown with tiered ruffle skirt.

stella de libero wedding dresses 2011 - marie antoinette bridal gown

More pretty wedding dresses after the jump. Click Read More to continue.

How cute are the matching arm warmer style lace gloves?

stella de libero 2012 2011 - sweet wedding dresses kawaii

Tiered A-line wedding dress with beautiful embroidery.

stella de libero white wedding dress 2011

Another sweet A-line wedding dress.

stella de libero wedding dresses - japanese bridal collection

Ball gown with appliqued flowers dotting the skirt. Kawaii!

stella de libero 2011 wedding dress - cute bridal gown collection

From Stella x Wakaran (Orchid) Fall 2011 collection. The theme for this collection is flowers.

stella libero princess wedding dress - marie antoinette inspired rococo bridal collection

Love the soft folds of these gowns.

marie antoinette wedding dresses - Stella de Libero bridal collection 2011

For more information on this brand, click here (the site is in Japanese). Also view Stella de Libero color wedding dresses.

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  • Daisy Perez

    Hi finally I found my wedding dress please I need to contact the designer to find out the prices thank u and please is there anybody to help me out

  • Sabiha Siddiqa Nijhum


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  • john

    can you please send me a catologe of all your dresses and how much they cost please> thank you

  • aze

    Lovely white dresses by stella! Please send me a catalog, prices and where I can buy the dress. Thank you.

  • Jessica Meixne

    Oh my god I am in love with all these dress. Please send me a catalog, prices and where I can buy one. Thank You.

  • Sabrina dee

    Please send a catalogue to my email (in English) there are a ton of people asking to buy your dresses in canada!

  • Sanna M.

    Checked out the japanese webside but couldn’t find any prices there nor anywhere else. Any idea can Stella’s dresses be sent to Finland? I would very much like to know the prices. Please send me a catalog, prices and any other information you have I might need to buy one. Thank you!

  • Shannon

    I’m looking for the all white voluminous “rose” ball gown with pleated band at the waist from The Lilac Bride Collection. Size 10. I live in Los Angeles and need pricing and a place to buy this. I searched the Japanese site and didn’t see it or any pricing….HELP…PLEASE!!!!

  • Danielle Fowles

    I am a wedding planner, please send me a brochure
    181 cumberland aveune
    essex ss7 1dx

  • Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi

    Sorry, we do not carry any wedding dresses featured on our site and are not affiliated with any designers. Please contact the respective designer or bridal house for any information. Thank you

  • susanlynn

    Really disappointing that these gowns are impossible to find as well as some of the other designers you feature. Would be nice if you had some info. on them for us brides that are ready purchase and have found the dress of their dreams.