Eva Lendel 2022 Wedding Dresses
"Less is More" Bridal Collection

When we featured the first iteration of Eva Lendel’s Less is More bridal collection, it went on to become one of the top favorites of minimalist brides around the world. Now Eva Lendel is back with a 2022 update to the well-loved wedding gown collection, this time focusing on sophisticated details that embrace and celebrate the power of femininity.

The 2022 Eva Lendel bridal collection line-up features bold cutouts; stunning volume and structure; delicate embellishments and unique pleating and layering, all to beautifully accentuate the bride’s curves. If you’re not yet convinced of the power and drama of subtle elegance, here are some fresh looks to tempt you…

“She got inspired by classics, but wanted to add a hint of her own modern vision. She wanted to look elegant and graceful, radiating fragile energy of female essence. Her glance was confident and her moves expressed sophistication. She – is the brand new Eva Lendel Less is More 2022 bride.  With its flowing lightness and pared-down sensibility, the 2022 Eva Lendel collection was created to emphasize the pure delight of being a woman.”

Eva Lendel’s 2022 bridal collection consists of 63 magnificent wedding dresses in diverse styles and materials. The collection introduces 20 A-line gowns, 29 mermaid styles, 7 lush ball gowns, 2 jumpsuits and 5 midi-length dresses, with special attention paid to the detachable elements: capes, trains, overskirts and boleros.

While clean, minimalist lines in a dizzying variety of silhouettes define the “Less is More” collection, romantic looks in richer fabrics, with delicate embellishments and ethereal layering are also offered for brides looking for something different. Check out the highlights below…

Found the gown of your dreams in one of these gorgeous Eva Lendel wedding dresses? Take a look at Eva Lendel's homepage for the full collection. For the latest updates, you can also follow Eva Lendel on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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