Sweet Wedding Dresses from Barbie Bridal

If I were a young girl planning my wedding, I’d go gaga over Barbie Bridal’s collection of sweet, pink wedding dresses! Warning: this entry is full of gowns of the cute, frilly and princessy variety.

A pink gown with black accessories is more Avril Lavigne Punk Rock Princess than “I want a pony!” Daddy’s little girl. Gosh! Love how the color of the tulle skirt go gradually from shocking pink to a blush of baby rose.

Pink, white and black Barbie Bridal wedding dress - Avril Lavigne Punk Rock Princess style

Record high — glamorously collapsing into a pile of fluffy tulle. If your gown is anything like this, you shouldn’t let the chance to take at least one photo with this pose pass.

Looking fabulous doll - Barbie Bridal white wedding dress is a fairytale princess' dream gown

This may be someone’s idea of a perfect fairytale fantasy ball gown. Black sequin stripes and three types of pink. Oh, and a huge bow.

Pink and black stripe wedding ball gown from Barbie Bridal

Looking fabulous, doll! I like the color of the shoes, actually. Imagine this pair in striking fuchsia peeking out of a long white gown while you walk.

Hey dollface! Sweet, short wedding dress in pink from Barbie Bridal

The bow and the beautiful.

White wedding dress with a ball gown silhouette from Barbie Bridal

Oh, this photo is so lovely. Look at the colors of the props in this frame! Everything in its place to give me an instant sugar rush. Pastel blue cushions, pale orange ribbons, tiny roses in her hair and a table full of pink nail polish and cotton balls. Don't spill it on your dress!

Manicured perfection - sweet wedding photo shoot with white ball gown for Barbie Bridal

We call this the "act cute" pose. But the model gets away with it because she's young and sweet looking. :)

Roses are pink, dresses are off white - sweet wedding gowns for the young bride by Barbie Bridal

Modern Cinderella - sweet, white wedding gowns.

Real life Barbie doll - Sweet white wedding dresses, fur trim winter jacket or capelet

Black ruffle dress with pink trim and accessories, and the reverse. Which do you like better?

Black, pink with bows wedding dress or  quinceanera  gown from Barbie Bridal

Black and blue and blowing kisses at you -- black and baby blue ruffle dress. Cute bows on all the gloves.

Blue and black girl - ruffle wedding dress from Barbie

I'm gonna have my cake and eat it too, says the girl with the mega huge fantastical giant dinosaur bow on her back. Ok, that bow is really big but, if it floats your boat....

Have my cake and eat it - Pink princess ball gown with giant bow from Barbie

I think the collection looks great on young kids. These are from the Flower Girl collection.

Barbie Bridal flower girl collection 2009 - black and white stripe sequin dress

"La di da... I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world.. " All together now.. Aaaaw....

Barbie Bridal flower girl applying makeup. So cute.

Barbie Bridal wedding dresses are available in Japan. For more information, visit the website.

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