Stella de Libero Wedding Dresses
The Lilac Bridal Collection

pink wedding gown by Stella de Libero

Pretty, romantic wedding dresses from Stella de Libero new bridal collection, The Lilac. Above and below, pale pink ball gown featuring gathered tulle skirt dotted with large roses. So sweet!

pink wedding dress

Pale peach strapless ruffle gown.

stella de libero wedding dress

Close-up of the beautiful gown, surround by pretty lilac flowers. How lovely is this image?

stella de libero

More gorgeous Stella de Libero wedding gowns after the jump.

stella de libero wedding dresses

Above and below, voluminous "rose" ball gown with black pleated band at the waist.

stella de libero 2012

Same gown as the one before, but this one's in all white. Also available in pale pink and lilac.

stella de libero bridal 2012

How's this one for a fairy tale princess bride? Below, wedding gown with opulent gold bead detail.

stella de libero wedding dresses gold

Full view of dress showing pleated ruffle accents in pink and purple.

gold wedding dresses 2012

Strapless white ball gown. How do you like the pairing of the white gown with pale lilac gloves? This gown is the same design as pale pink gown (first two images in this post). Also available in pale blue.

stella de libero wedding dresses collection

Off-white gown with floral printed bodice.

fairytale wedding

Close-up of the gown showing bow detail at the strapless neckline.

stella de libero wedding dresses 2012

For details, prices and availability, visit Stella de Libero Japan.

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    Hi I wish to know the price for the blue wedding dress.
    I went to the website, but it’s all in Japanese & I dont understand a word. May I know the price of “The Lilac” bridal collection?
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  • Eevee

    May I know the price of the blue wedding dress?
    Many thanks

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  • nafiseh

    they are very beautiful