WONA Concept 2022 Wedding Dresses
“Love in the City” Bridal Collection

If the concept of being in love in The Big Apple had a wedding collection, it would look something like this! Using elements of the melting pot culture of New York City, and created with the vibrancy of The City of Dreams in mind, WONA Concept has conjured up the effortlessly modern chic bridal collection of our dreams. A bold marriage of diverse styles and influences, the 2022 Love in the City collection features some of the most up-to-date trends that brides around the world would be wearing in the year to come.

“Living in a dramatic pace of big city, accepting new challenges every day, feeling strong and daring – that’s how we imagine a modern bride. This collection was created to the sounds of New York City, as versatile as it can be, that never sleeps and never stops its fuss. On the streets of this city, the urban bride appears confident and fragile, courageous and tender, outshining everything around.”

“Love in the City” is part of WONA Concept’s White Line, a luxurious wedding dress label offering elegant designs that incorporate ahead-of-the-curve trends. The latest 41-gown collection, introduces 19 A-line gowns, 17 mermaid styles, 3 lush ball gowns and 2 midi-length dresses, all tailored with the modern bride in mind, imbued with the label’s timelessly sophisticated signature style.

Detachable capes, boleros and overskirts feature in many of the designs, offering brides the option for a quick transformation to a second bridal look. Dreamy, lightweight fabrics, intricate embellishments and unconventional combinations of colors, fabrics and lengths are some of the highlights of the 2022 bridal collection, which features styles that range from fairytale princess, glamorous diva, and classic romantic. For trend-loving brides, statement billowy puff sleeves or long bohemian lace flares are just some of the details that are guaranteed to catch their attention.

wona 2022 bridal beautiful wedding dresses

Fallen in love one of these gorgeous WONA Concept wedding dresses? Take a look at WONA Concept's homepage for details. For the latest updates, you can also follow WONA Concept on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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