Luce Sposa 2021 “Shades of Couture” Wedding Dresses

When it comes to wedding dresses, few things get us more excited more than a beautifully-executed, unexpected detail: a pearl-dotted illusion panel here, a bold beaded cuff there. And that is exactly what LuceSposa’sShades of Couture” collection is all about. Striking, unconventional accents that elevate their flawless blend of glamour, luxury and romance into works of unforgettable beauty. Imagine walking into a dreamlike salon filled with all kinds of elegantly-constructed silhouettes – sheaths, mermaids, A-lines, ball gowns, what have you – adorned with details so perfectly put together, each look inspires you to plan a whole wedding around it. That’s how we feel as we go through LuceSposa’s exceptional 2021 bridal collection. Ready to fall in love?

Shades of Couture, Luce Sposa 2021 Bridal Collection

Luce Sposa’s 2021 wedding collection is aptly named Shades of Couture, doubly alluding to the nuanced interpretation of the couture ideal and the gorgeous tones used throughout the designs (including pastel green, pink, champagne, powdery grays and ivory).

Filled with dreamy necklines and even dreamier sleeves, this collection will leave romantic brides breathless with its sheer variety of styles, befitting modern, classic or enchanted story book settings alike. Think voluminous gowns with high-impact statement sleeves (Emery, Mackenzie, Mia, Ximena), boho beauties that beg flower crowns (Eden, Emery, Ofelia) and elegant A-lines that shimmer with delicate, eye-catching textures (Kayley, Olivia, Nicole).

Brides looking for a sophisticated yet ahead-of-the-curve wedding dress will also discover plenty to love: try one of the minimalist sheaths with unusual beaded details (Josefine, Parker), an alluring sage ball gown with multi-colored jeweled bodice that screams non-traditional (Abigail), or a heavily beaded sheath that takes you from ethereal to glam with the switch of a sheer angelic sleeved cloak (Ariana).

And can we talk about the ruffle skirts in this collection? Ombre blush Isabella makes a strong case for a revival of this trend.

We can gush on and on, but we invite you to take a walk through (and pin!) these gorgeous wedding gowns yourself. Scroll on to see the rest of the bridal styles below.

Want to discover more about LuceSposa? Take a closer look at their wedding dresses on the website, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for the latest updates.

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