Decoding Dress Codes? Get Smart with The Black Tux

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Tan suit, crisp white shirt and brown leather shoes — the perfect outfit for a casual summer wedding.

“Rental tux”. If those two words conjure images of scratchy, ill-fitting suits, you’re definitely not alone. Add the words “dress code” to the mix and it’s enough to send some of you running for the hills. If you’re in a quandary when it comes to wedding day attire, don’t sweat it! The Black Tux has the answers you’re looking for.

Who is The Black Tux? The Black Tux is a game changer in the tux rental world, offering high-end suits and tuxedos, designed for a better fit using the finest wool available. No more awkwardly fitting suits made of cheap materials. And no need of ever stepping into a rental store either – you rent the suits online and get them delivered to your door.

The big question: “What kind of suit do I wear to a wedding?”

Typically, couples choose a dress code for their wedding, which dictates what the groom/groomsmen will wear, and sets expectations for guests. The purpose of this dress code? It keeps the wedding’s vibe consistent. Some dress codes can be pretty strict, which in turn makes it less confusing. Most dress codes leave a lot up to interpretation. And depending on the type of dresser you are, this can be either fun OR bothersome. But there’s no reason to get your suspenders in a tangle! Whether you’re the one planning the wedding or just attending as a guest, we’ve listed some common wedding dress codes here, along with outfit ideas to get you started.

Dress Code: Black Tie

the black tux wedding dress code black tie modern style suit tuxedo rental service

Black Tie outfit idea for men: Black tuxedo, Black bow tie, White tuxedo shirt, Cufflinks, Button studs (optional), Pocket square (optional, in black and white), Black patent leather shoes, Suspenders (optional)

While the most formal dress code is the White Tie (think state gala dinner), when it comes to formal weddings (and assuming we’re not talking about the royal wedding here!), it’s most likely a Black Tie affair. A Black Tie event requires a tuxedo, a tuxedo shirt, a bow tie and black patent leather shoes, with button studs and pocket squares completing the look. Tuxedo pants do not come with belt loops, so you might want to consider button-on suspenders to hold them up.

Dress Code: Creative Black Tie

In short: Black Tie + one interesting item. Use the Black Tie dress code as a base, then switch up one of the items of clothing for something fun or unexpected (this is the “Creative” part). Think the Oscars or other red carpet events. Try to limit your statement piece to one category of clothing to keep it classy and formal.

Dress Code: Black Tie Optional

This dress code is inclusive of guests who may not own a tuxedo/dinner jacket. If you own a tux, follow the Black Tie rules, if not, go with a dark suit + a white dress shirt, a tie, and black leather shoes.

Dress Code: Cocktail Attire

the black tux wedding dress code cocktail attire modern suit tuxedo rental service style 1 red tie

Navy or blue suit, Solid color dress shirt, Necktie or bow tie (patterns, optional), Tie clip (optional), Cufflinks, Pocket square, Black or brown leather shoes

Tuxedos are not required. Go with a formal suit in a color of your choice—navy, blue, brown, gray, or charcoal.

Dress Code: Casual Attire

the black tux wedding dress code casual attire modern style suit tuxedo rental service

Light grey suit, Dress shirt (solids or patterns), Necktie (optional but recommended), Pocket Square, Brown suede shoes, Cufflinks (optional), Suede belt (optional)

Unless stated in the invitation, always err on the side of formality: no denim, polo shirts, shorts and sandals. Neckties are optional, but recommended (you can always remove the tie).

No Dress Code?
If you know the couple well enough, ask. If not, as in the case of “Casual Attire”, play it safe and err on the side of formality. Dress as you would a job interview – smart, with enough personality; and nothing too over the top. Take cues from the season, venue, time of day and invitation style.

Ready to get suited in style? Visit The Black Tux for some of the most stylish tux and suits you can rent.

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