Olivia Headpieces 2014 Bridal Accessories

olivia headpieces 2014 rita headband photo shoot

If you’re in the market for a statement accessory to complete your bridal look, consider a dazzling headpiece. These by Olivia Headpieces are as pretty as they come! We absolutely loved the 2013 Olivia Headpieces collection, so it not surprising that we fell hard for the gorgeous 2014 collection as well. Bold and encrusted with crystals, or feminine and delicate with a sprinkling of pearls and silk flowers, you’ll find a gorgeous selection of headbands, belts, combs and other accessories that will easily add a touch of vintage glamour to your look. Here are some of our favorites. Above, Rita headband with Chantilly lace and Swarovski crystals; below, Nico silk flower crown; both shown with Karina belt.

olivia headpieces 2014 nico headband photo shoot

Marion, crystal adorned headband with a hint of color. Love this!

olivia headpieces 2014 marion crystal blush headband photo shoot

Mila headband with Alencon lace.

olivia bridal accessories 2014 lace head band hair accessory

Audrey, Art Deco style headband/belt.

olivia bridal accessories 2014 audrey belt head band

Sophia comb with vintage guipure lace and silk flower blossoms.

olivia bridal headpieces 2014 sophia hair accessory

Rei, vine with Swarovski crystal, beaded lace, silk and pearls flowers.

olivia headpieces 2014 rei bridal hair accessory

Ivana vintage inspired belt.

olivia bridal accessories 2014 ivana vintage style belt

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