St. Patrick 2014 Wedding Dresses
Glamour Bridal Collection

st patrick wedding dresses 2014 bridal hamdi gown with lace straps

Beautiful, refined and timeless, the St. Patrick 2014 “Glamour” collection may well be the definition of bridal elegance. All (and we do mean all) the gowns are so tastefully designed, it’s hard not to fall in love with the entire collection.  Forget edgy and fashion forward, these are sophisticated gowns with a good dash of Hollywood glam, perfect for contemporary brides looking for a classic, enduring style that won’t date easily. Above, Hamdi gown with lace straps; below, Halivert strapless gown, shown with illusion shrug.

st patrick wedding dresses 2014 halivert gown shrug three quarter illusion sleeves

Hala sleeveless gown with illusion straps.

san patrick 2014 hala sleeveless gown illusion straps

Argelia strapless gown.

st patrick 2014 argelia straples wedding dress

Arosa strapless gown.

st patrick 2014 arosa straples wedding dress

Edimburgo one-shoulder mermaid gown.

st patrick 2014 one shoulder wedding dress edimburgo

Hali gown with 3/4 illusion lace sleeves.

st patrick wedding dresses 2014 hali gown three quarter illusion sleeves

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