Barbie Bridal 2012 Wedding Dresses

barbie bridal hot deep purple bordeaux wine wedding dress

Above, strapless bordeaux and black print gown with pick up skirt; ball gown with voluminous ruffle skirt dotted with crystal accented bows.

barbie bridal wedding dress 2012

Fit and flare strapless gown featuring satin ruffle skirt with train.

barbie bridal wedding dresses 2012 white ball gown

Strapless black ball gown with pink polka dot bodice and over-sized pink bow at the back.

barbie pink black wedding dress ball gown

Strapless ball gown with blue-green bodice and gathered upper skirt and icy blue snowflake patterned underskirt. This gown features a hanging bow in black at the back.

barbie bridal blue wedding dress ball gown 2012

Cherry pink and black ball gown. On first look, we thought it was missing a huge bow or two but look closer -- there are multiple large bows (in black) circling the lower part of  skirt, right below the bubble hem of the pink upper skirt.

barbie bridal wedding dress black cherry pink ball gown

Strapless lace ball gown with pearl accents on the bodice.

barbie wedding dresses 2012 off white strapless ball gown

Back view of the gown showing the massive flower loop bow at the back.

barbie wedding dress 2012 romantic ball gown

Barbie Bridal wedding dresses are available for rental only in Japan.

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