Barbie Bridal Wedding Dresses 2012

barbie bridal wedding dresses 2012

Pretty wedding dresses from Barbie Bridal Seventh Collection. As with previous collections, it is full of fun, romantic pieces for the girly bride. Above strapless ivory ball gown with tiered; below, off-white gown with tiered bubble skirt.

barbie bridal 2012 wedding dress

“By incorporating embellishments, sparkling jewels and current fashion details, the collection is unexpected, fashionable and fun.” Below, baby pink and white wedding dress.

barbie pink wedding dress 2012

“Also in the collection are stunning dresses inspired by fashion sketchbook designs featuring beautiful silhouettes and adornments that are understated, elegand and timeless.” Below, off-white┬ágown.

barbie wedding dresses 2012

More pretty Barbie Bridal wedding gowns after the jump.

Fuschia strapless gown with pleated bodice.

barbie wedding dress

Light blue gown.

barbie wedding gowns 2012

Cherry pink strapless gown dotted with flowers.

barbie pink wedding dresses 2012

Pink ball gown with black accents.

barbie pink wedding gowns 2012

Sunny yellow gown adorned with multiple bows. Cute!

barbie wedding 2012

Navy gown with floral print and striped bows.


Gray ball gown.

barbie bridal

Strapless wine gown with black sash.

barbie bridal 2012

Purple ball gown with bow accent at the waist.

barbie bridal 2012 collection

Front view of the strapless ball gown (first image) showing the bodice.

barbie wedding dresses 2012 collection

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