Emé di Emé 2011 Bridal Photo Shoot

eme di eme wedding dresses 2011

Lovely bridal photo shoot for Emé di Emé Spring 2011 collection. The deep rose red accents on the gowns really work well in a verdant outdoor setting, don’t you think?

eme di eme spring 2011 wedding dresses

Ruby red ballet slippers to match the rose sash on the wedding dress and hair ribbon. Love!

eme di eme wedding dresses


atelier aimee eme di eme wedding dresses

More romantic wedding gowns after the jump.

eme di eme wedding dresses spring 2011

eme di eme abiti da sposa

eme di eme collection

eme di eme wedding gowns

eme di eme primavera estate fall 2011

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