Stephane Rolland Fall 2011 Couture

stephane rolland the bride wedding dress

To start the week on a  high fashion note, we pick some of our favorite looks from Stephane Rolland Fall 2011 couture collection. Lots of smart, structured looks in this East Asian-inspired collection. Above, The Bride — white silk weaving “Hanfu” coat dotted with crystals. Han fu (汉服) refers to traditional ancient Han Chinese clothing and it’s interesting to see a modern interpretation on the runway. Below, Black satin and gazar kimono vest on white crepeline draped skirt.

stephane rolland couture fall 2011

Black gazar and white crepe mousse kimono dress with origami embroidery; draped white gazar bustier and black velvet sheath dress.

stephane rolland fall 2011 couture

Dipped and splashed — crystal knitted jumper dress with black painted satin; buttercup and black origami embroidered handpainted jersey jumper dress.

stephane rolland fall 2011 couture dressse

Draped sand crepe mouse dress with black chopsticks laquered lapels; long foundation jersey jumper dress with black origami embroidery.

stephane rolland couture 2011 2012 fall

Black origami embroidered organza and jersey dress, jersey dress with black satin kimono belts layers.

stephane rolland 2011 2012

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