Royal Wedding 2011 – The Kiss on the Balcony

prince william kate kiss balcony

Prince William kissed his new wife Catherine Middleton twice on the balcony to the delight of the crowd. Two kisses!

the royal wedding kiss balcony

Prince William and his new bride wave to the crowd.

prince william kate balcony wave

The couple watching the flypast as one of the younger attendants,  bridesmaid Grace van Cutsem tried to shut out the loud noise from the crowd and planes by covering her ears.

will kate balcony

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge waving to the crowd from the balcony.

will kate balcony wave

All smilles from the royal couple.

will kate ready for balcony kiss

The large crowd in front of Buckinham Palace eagerly awaiting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

will kate balcony crowd

Note: these images were updated while the events of the royal wedding unfolded on 29th April  and may not be in correct chronological order.

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