Blushless Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

Blushless extravagant golden vegan leather gown with fine silk tulle, top is inspired by Lula's outfit in David Lynchs Wild at Heart.

Contemporary wedding dresses made from eco-friendly materials by Blushless. This first collection is filled with “naughty, fun and sexy” pieces inspired by David Lynch’s film, Wild at Heart.

Above: theLULAone futuristic looking golden vegan leather gown with silk-tulle, highlight of this gown is the unique silhouette created by interesting draping at the back; below: theLIVLAVone mini dress, made of multiple pieces of heart-shaped extra soft, bright white vegan leather.

Short wedding dress - Blushless Wild At Heart mini dress, made of extra soft, sexy-touch vegan leather in brightest white.

Bohemian chic – theLUNDIone limited edition handmade, asymmetrical draped minidress, made of a unique antique linen-lace fabric featuring a retro-style pattern.

Limited edition bohemian, asymmetrical minidress, made of a unique antique linen-lace fabric. Handmade, with an outrageous pattern, draped into a classical mini dress

Rock n roll bride – theLOLAone 100% silk-tulle gown with bow on the shoulder and halterneck top suspended to soft vegan leather belt. Pair it with leggings or slim cut jeans for that extra ‘tude.

theLOLAone - silk-tulle gown with bow on the shoulder and soft vegan leather belt by Blushless

Long and the short of it – theLELALAMBone flowing asymmetrical gown with exclusive wave stitching, made of extremly lightweight 100% fairtrade/peacesilk.

For the eco chic bride/wedding - flowing gown with exclusive wave stiching, made of 100% fairtrade/peacesilk by Blushless

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