The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

1920s style dress with plunging neckline and low-slung waist and 1940s inspired cowl neck column gown from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company.

1920s and 1940s vintage inspired cowl neck wedding gowns

The company has 6 vintage inspired wedding dresses, each with a silhouette representing a decade from 1920s to 1970s. You can customize these dresses by adding details such short or long sleeves, silk sash, rose corsage and scallop lace hem . Below is a 1930s dress with and without lace sleeves.

1930s vintage inspired wedding gown with and without lace sleeves

They also stock original vintage wedding dresses like thisĀ  luxurious 1920s beaded gown and unique white eyelet lace dress from early 1900s.

Original vintage wedding dresses - 1920s beaded gown and 1900s eyelet lace white dress

Check them out here.

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