Hanna Touma Beautiful Dresses

Lovely, lovely creations from Lebanese designer Hanna Touma. First up, some yummy pieces from his 2009 Spring/Summer Couture collection. Metallic shades of blue and grey. Aluminium alliteration: shimmery satin sheen or sparkly slivers of silver?

Blue, grey, grayish silver wedding dresses, robes de mariee en couleur

Interesting color scheme for the dress on the left. I initially thought the inspiration for this dress was the beach — sun, sand and sea — but upon closer inspection, it was Dutch post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh’s vividly colorful landscape as shown on the mural painting on the runway. Check out the gentle blue gown on the right – so soft and pretty!

Hanna Touma 2009 spring summer couture dresses in colors of the sea - light foam blue, sand and seaweed

Gorgeous pleated brown number. The brown, blue and white combination on the right looks like a great color palette inspiration for a wedding theme. I’m guessing the original inspiration for this was Van Gogh’s Almond Branches in Bloom.

Wedding dresses in color - Deep brown and blue evening gowns from Hanna Touma

Bridal capelets with flower details. The left on is giving my a gypsy chic vibe.

Bridal capes and flowery capelets from Lebanese designer Hanna Touma

And some outstanding pieces from his 07-08 Autumn Winter collection. Champagne gold and silver with ginkgo motif. Sea foam green and off-white pearl color combination works so well.

Champagne gold and silver, seagreen and pearl wedding dresses from Hana Touma

I think I'm in love with this shade of light turquoise green. Hmmm...

Sea Foam Green wedding dress and evening gown

OMG! These are two different kinds of beautiful. Off white vintage-inspired lace with ruffles vs dusty pink sleek satin with feathers.

Vintage inspired tiered lace ruffle wedding gown, dusty pink feather coat dress

More inspiration for romantic brides who are into lace and ruffles.

Romantic lace off-white, brown wedding gowns and dresses Hanna Touma

Someone calm me down. So. Much. Beauty. *Gasp* Okay, okay. Fit and flare tulle dress in the gentlest shade of pink and a wrap sleeve gown in old rose with gold detail.

Pink tulle wedding dress, light rose wrap gown

Closing this post with a white wedding dress complete  with veil and tiara. I can't stop staring at the gown on the right - the colours, the cut and details are simply breathtaking. Sigh...

Long veil, pretty dress, beautiful wedding gowns from Hanna Touma

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