Wedding Dress Inspiration – Star Wars

A few years ago, while watching Star Wars, I proclaimed towards the end of the movie, “I have found the perfect wedding gown!”

It was the scene where Queen Amidala was picnicking with Anakin. I was so sure that this was the wedding look for me — gown, hair, makeup, accessories. Yes, even the earmuff thingy:

Star Wars Padme Amidala gown idea for a wedding

I realise now that I was probably influenced by the whole setting and art direction of story and of course the beautiful actress, Natalie Portman, and what looks like a good idea on her in a movie may not translate well in real life.

Anyway, I still love watching fantasy, sci-fi and period movies specifically for their costumes. Love the one below (the parade costume), I think it can actually work in a real life wedding, if worn sans the satellite dish at the back?

Star Wars Queen Amidala dress inspiration for a wedding

And of course, the wedding gown. Sigh. Would your groom agree to the padawan’s costume?

Natalie Portman white wedding gown in Star Wars, baju pengantin ala Puteri Star Wars

I read here that the wedding dress above could be inspired by the Queen Mother’s wedding dress or coronation gown but I don’t quite see the resemblance. Maybe just the way the veil is worn. A picture of Queen Mother, here as a bridesmaid in 1922.

Queen Mother bridesmaid gown and veil at a 1922 wedding

The veil is also worn close to the head which I guess reflect the flapper roaring 20s style of that time.

Star Wars photos by Lucasfilm, Queen Mother photo from daylife

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