Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2013 Wedding Dresses

Scarlett strapless ballgown with tulle panel skirt and embellished flange appliqué and hand-rolled floral, Chantilly lace detail.

vera wang wedding dresses spring 2013

Crimson strapless mermaid gown with hand-draped bodice and inverted flange skirt with embroidered crystal wheat detail.

vera wang bridal spring 2013 collection

Crimson strapless mermaid gown with corset bodice and honeycomb tulle skirt with hand-rolled floral embellished detail.

vera wang bridal spring 2013

Dahlia mermaid gown with chevron pleated bodice and pleated tulleskirt with hand-rolled floral appliqué shoulder detail

vera wang wedding dress spring 2013

Dahlia strapless open back, V-neck ballgown with lifted tulle skirt and tiered flange, hand-cut petal embroidered detail.

vera wang spring 2013 burgundy wedding dress

Photos: Dan Lecca/WWD. For prices, details and availability, visit Vera Wang.

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