Linea Raffaelli Wedding Dresses

A-line gown with sweetheart neckline in Mikado silk, waist accented with silver flower.

linea raffaelli 2012 wedding gowns

Strapless lace sheath with black lace belt.

linea raffaelli wedding dress 2012 collection

Strapless taffeta gown.

linea raffaelli wedding dresses 2012

One shoulder sating gown with pickup skirt.

one shoulder wedding dress linea raffaelli

Short strapless dress in tulle and Inox silk.

short wedding dress 2012

Red two-piece wedding dress.

red wedding dress

Taffeta gown with ruffled taffeta halter neckline.

halter wedding dress linea raffaelli

Sheath dress with lace straps.

linea raffaelli 2012

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