Valentino Fall/Winter 2012-2013

valentino fall winter 2012 2013

Red alert — above, short dresses with long sleeves; below, smart coat dress.

valentino fall winter 2012 2013 ready to wear

Something sweet — baby pink gown with bishop sleeves and smocked detail at the waist and shoulders.

valentino fall 2012 pink dress

Pretty long-sleeved black gowns.

valentino fall winter 2012 collection

Long sleeve black gowns with sheer lace details.

valentino fall 2012 2013

More long sleeve gowns — metallic lace and shiny + patterned.

valentino fall 2012 collection runway

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Hey weddinginspirasi, could you please switch back to the style of the site where you click "more" and see EVERYTHING? it's this way too complicate to save all the pages and find the related! I mean, not "Page: 1, 2, 3..." - just, like weeks ago, "More". I WOULD BE SO THANKFUL :D

Alexandria  at 3:52 am on March 20, 2012
Hi Alexandria, Thank you for your feedback. The reason we split a long post into multiple pages is to reduce the server load. A long post with lots of images requires very heavy resource for the server and it is only practical that we have to implement such measure to allow smooth loading. We are still in the midst of making changes to improve the site and hopefully by then, it will further improve the readability. We hope you understand. Thank you.

Webmaster  at 1:19 am on March 24, 2012

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