Augusta Jones Wedding Dresses 2012

Elle long sleeve lace wedding gown with V-neckline.

augusta jones wedding dresses 2012 elle

Shadow empire waist gown.

augusta jones wedding dresses 2012 shadow

Tallulah V-neck lace gown with long sleeves.

augusta jones wedding dresses 2012 tallulah

Olympia high pleated neck gown shown with beaded belt (separately sold).

augusta jones wedding dresses 2012 olympia

Jax strapless dress, shown with belt.

augusta jones bridal 2012 jax

Jessie strapless lace gown with cafe colored sash.

augusta jones bridal 2012 jessie

Grace a-line gown with long sleeve lace jacket.

augusta jones 2012 wedding dresses grace

Another look at Grace, this time with V-neck long sleeve lace top and belt.

augusta jones wedding dresses 2012 grace

Judith strapless gown.

augusta jones bridal 2012 judith

For details, availability and prices, visit Augusta Jones.

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  • Debbie

    I’m Loving The Marilyn Gown So Pretty.