Lusan Mandongus 2012 Wedding Dresses

lusan mandongus 2012

Exquisite wedding dresses from Lusan Mandongus 2012 bridal collection. The brand began in 1991 with its operation based in Hong Kong and has since made glamorous and graceful bridal gowns its trademark. Above, sleeveless cowl neck gown; below, strapless drop waist gown with voluminous skirt.

lusan mandongus 2012 collection

The wedding dress designs incorporate luxurious and delicate fabrics such as silk duchesse satin, taffeta, silk chiffon, French lace and tulle of the highest quality, finished with meticulous workmanship. Below, elegant gown with lace straps.

lusan mandongus 2012 wedding dress

Strapless lace mermaid gown with bow accenting the waist.

lusan mandongus wedding dress 2012

More gorgeous Lusan Mandongus wedding gowns after the jump.

“Lusan Mandongus’ design reflects a glamorous approach that defines the feminine and romantic spirit of a modern bride. Seeking inspiration from the oriental elements, the designs portray the harmonious expression of solidity and hollowness commonly found in the art of Chinese painting that charmingly emulate the exclusivity of each piece.”

lusan mandongus wedding dresses 2012

Loving the qipao collar reference on the necklines of the dresses above and below.

lusan mandongus

Halter neck gown.

lusan mandongus 2012 wedding dresses

Lovely tiered gown.

lusan mandongus wedding gowns 2012

One-shoulder gown with stunning detail at the back.

lusan mandongus wedding dress

For details, availability and prices, visit Lusan Mandongus.

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