Delphine Manivet Wedding Dresses Spring 2012

delphine manivet spring 2012 wedding dresses

Pretty wedding dresses from Delphine Manivet Spring/Summer 2012 bridal collection. Above, Adrien plumtis long skirt shown with 1920s headpiece and veil in calais lace and silk tulle; below, Yves 1950s tweed ankle length dress with side pockets.

delphine manivet short wedding dress 2012 collection

Raphaelo wedding gown with Calais lace overlay and small train.

delphine manivet lace wedding dresses 2012 collection

Appolinaire, Calais lace top with 3/4 sleeves with bow tie at the back, Lazard high waisted long skirt in silk gazar.

delphine manivet lace wedding dress 2012

More gorgeous Delphine Manivet after the jump.

Manteau Vintage, vintage style coat with silk embroidery and fringes.

delphine manivet shorrt wedding dress 2012

Elysée one shoulder long silk satin dress bordered and bordered Calais lace veil.

delphine manivet spring 2012 wedding dress

Galilée wedding gown with pockets.

delphine manivet bridal gowns spring 2012

Swan princess dress with open back accented with a bow at the nape.

delphine manivet wedding dresses 2012 collection

Aimé long strapless gown in tulle.

delphine manivet wedding gown 2012 collection

Honorin dress with open back, low waist and pleated silk on the shoulders.

delphine manivet wedding gowns 2012 collection

Photos by Cécile Burban. For details, availability and prices, visit Delphine Manivet.

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