Stella de Libero Color Wedding Dresses

pale blue wedding dress

Gorgeous wedding dresses in stunning colors from Stella de Libero “The Lilac” bridal collection. Above and below, light blue ball gown (see same design in light pink and white in our previous post).

blue wedding dresses 2012

Pale peachy-pink ruffle gown with gold accents.

stella de libero bridal 2012

Close-up of the gown showing detail on the bodice.

princess wedding dresses

More lovely colored wedding dresses after the jump.

Version in pale blue.

light blue wedding dress

Strapless ball gown with painted tulle skirt dotted with large fabric roses.

stella de libero wedding dresses 2012

Need more color? Tadah! A bold multi-colored print ball gown.

colorful wedding dresses 2012

Fuschia / hot pink wedding gown featuring multi-textured skirt.

fuschia wedding dresses

Close-up of the gown showing detail of the bodice and ruffled skirt.

stella de libero wedding gown

Turquoise wedding gown with bustled skirt.

turquoise wedding dress

Same design as above, but in shades of purple. A burst of pleated ruffles accent at the back.

purple wedding dress

Lilac tulle ball gown with printed bodice.

stella de libero 2012 wedding dresses

Pale pink ball gown with pleated accent at waist. White and multi colored version featured here.

light pink wedding dresses

But wait! There’s also a version in pale purple/lilac.

purple wedding dresses 2012

Closeup on the gown showing detail on neckline and herringbone pleats at sides of waist.

stella de libero 2012 color wedding dresses

For details, availability and prices, visit Stella de Libero.

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need prices on these gowns please contact me or leave message 1989-598-1862

john  at 2:21 pm on January 5, 2012
I am interested in the stella de liberio baby blue gown please contact me thank you

Evelin flores  at 12:04 pm on February 29, 2012
I am from Saudi Arabia I am interested in the Pale peachy-pink ruffle gown with gold accents plese contact me thank you

nona  at 6:25 am on March 7, 2012
I am from São Paulo - Brasil. I am interested in the dress Pink with gold. I waiting your contact. Thank you Sueli

Sueli  at 5:28 am on March 19, 2012
I am from Leicester - United Kingdom. I am interested in the pale blue dress, which is the first on this page. I would like to know the price of the dress. -Thank you.

Megan  at 10:33 am on April 8, 2012
Plz contacr me in regard (Verion of pale blue) Thank you

Adel  at 11:30 am on May 19, 2012
I am interested in a couple of your dress but you have no price can you please help me out.

Michelle  at 10:14 am on June 4, 2012
How much is the Pale peachy-pink ruffle gown with gold accents? Thanks

Jess  at 7:49 am on July 25, 2012
I am from Glasgow - united kingdom. I want to by wedding dress pale hot pink gown and version in pale blue. but I do not see sezi price can you help please help me.

habshuu  at 2:34 am on September 18, 2012
Hello need price on gowns please contact in my email is [email protected] thanks

habshuu  at 5:28 am on September 19, 2012
light blue ball gown (lilac dress collection) by stella de libero price for that dress pls.

jamie  at 1:04 am on September 23, 2012
I'm from indonesia,how to buy one? please for price information. thanks

silvi  at 8:35 pm on October 31, 2012
can i please have a price on the lilac gown with roses i have been looking for prices about 11 months.

john  at 5:19 am on November 2, 2012
i love the blue dress & the light pick, if you can plz mail me the price as soon. thanks

sonia  at 9:53 am on November 6, 2012
I guess by my email you can tell what my favorite color is. I am interested in the Stella lilac dress as well as the other one with the tan flowers. I was wondering do you make special request such as a one of a kind design, for the bride and how much?

Robbie  at 7:39 am on November 11, 2012
We do not sell or supply any dresses featured here. Please visit the designer’s website located at the end of the post and contact them directly.

Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi  at 1:15 pm on November 14, 2012
hello i just want to now if the drees are on sales i gan to buy one please send me a email.thank you

Maria Arellano  at 10:53 am on December 29, 2012
this is the drees i want. Please just tellme if you sell. Lilac tulle ball gown with printed bodice.

Maria Arellano  at 10:56 am on December 29, 2012
We do not sell them. Please contact the company directly.

Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi  at 8:12 pm on December 31, 2012
Hi We'd like to know if there is a chance to buy one of this dresses, picture number 7 or 8, we are in Mexico, do you ship?

Joel Vidales  at 11:19 am on January 25, 2013
Hi I'am from uk. Plz let me how to buy 8 & 9 and last one. Its very urgent for me. Plz plz help.

Blaise  at 7:27 pm on March 11, 2013
Hi I noticed that the Stella de libero website is in Japanese do you know if there is a site in English?

Liseth  at 6:41 am on May 15, 2013
i am interested in the purple dress with ruffles on the back and a silver bodice. What is the price for that one?

diana  at 3:11 am on May 24, 2013
can i have the price for the blue wedding dress please was searching so hard for the price the website is in japanese & i cant understand a word Many thanks!!!

eevee  at 8:40 pm on June 18, 2013
i want to know how much the pink with gold dress is and what sizes you have. im from the united states.

Janie Lopez  at 12:17 pm on June 27, 2013
I am getting my vows renewed in April. I am trending towards a blue gown. Can you tell me how I would purchase the gowns? I am also considering a multicolored baby blue and soft pink gown as my alternative color. We are going to Abaco Island and will get married on the beach. Thanks for your help.

LaRita Whidby  at 4:06 pm on September 14, 2013
I am interested in prices for the pink and gold dress

magda santoyo  at 7:42 pm on October 8, 2013
How much is the pale blue with the gold accents gown

Donna  at 6:01 am on October 9, 2013
We do not sell or supply dresses featured here. Please visit their website shown at the end of the post for any enquiries.

Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi  at 1:18 pm on October 11, 2013
I am interested in prince for wedding dress.

smadu cristina  at 5:14 am on February 11, 2014
a little over the top..too much going on. beautiful fabrics, but use less and it will be more appealing.

Vince  at 7:10 am on April 25, 2014

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