Color Wedding Dresses by Stella de Libero

stella de libero color wedding dresses 2011

Inspired by ruffles, flowers, beads, textures and oh, colors? Wait till you get a load of these romantic color wedding dresses by Stella de Libero! Anyway, it’s Friday, Friday! Fun! Fun! Fun! FUN! But seriously, if you can’t handle frilly, pretty things, you might wanna look away now. There are heaps of colorful wedding dresses here, including pink, gold, blue, red, more pink and multi-color ones!

pink wedding dress 2011 stella de libero

Above, regal pink wedding dress with gold butterfly accents. Below, a gold on gold version.

gold wedding dresses stella de libero

Salmon pink / peachy coral strapless wedding gown with heavily beaded bodice.

coral peach salmon pink wedding dress - light pinkish bridal gown by Stella de Libero

Blue wedding dress with satin edge tulle ruffle skirt. See this gown in white (3rd dress  from top).

blue wedding dress stella de libero 2011

But wait! More color wedding dresses after the jump. Click Read More to continue.

There exists a pink version too. Sweet!

stella de libero pink wedding dresses

Strapless wedding dress with embroidered bodice and a skirt of cotton candy pink tulle.

marie antoinette wedding dress stella di libero - rococo inspired bridal gown from japan

Adorable pink fur stole + pink ball gown combination.

pink wedding dresses 2011 - pink wedding gown with pink fur stole by japanese bridal label Stella de Libero

Beaded red wedding dress with tiered ruffle bustle back.

red wedding dresses 2011 by japanese bridal label Stella de Libero

The purple version — the tiers of ruffles are of different shades.

purple wedding dress stella de libero bridal collection 2011

Oriental style prints on western style dresses. Apart from having a flower theme, the Fall 2011 collection is also about mixing eastern and western elements.

color wedding dresses 2011 - multi-color bridal gown by Stella de Libero, japan

Whoa! Major color + ruffle + pleat + floral print + layering action going on here.

wedding dress flowers stella de libero

For more information on shops selling these color wedding gowns in Japan, click here. Also view Stella de Libero white wedding dresses.

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Hi I finally found my wedding dress it's the salmon/pink strapless with butterflies I want the dress so bad please email me back for the price please and thank you

Daisy  at 11:08 am on May 16, 2011
We don't sell these dresses. Please contact

Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi  at 4:29 pm on May 16, 2011
I'm a traditional Girl and want to get married in a White Dress, but if I did choose another color it would be Pink like the one here with the satin edge tulle ruffled skirt, it's Gorgeous.

Debbie  at 5:05 pm on May 24, 2011
how much is the Salmon pink / peachy coral strapless wedding gown with heavily beaded bodice?

seval yusuf  at 5:26 am on November 17, 2011
again we dont understand you dont sell these gowns but you design them???? please email me where i can buy them i am interested in 3 gowns for my daughters cottillion ( like a sweet 16) i need to know where or ill just go someplace else!

john  at 3:14 pm on January 2, 2012
We do not design and sell the dresses featured on our website. Please contact the the bridal company directly. Thank you.

Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi  at 9:42 pm on February 7, 2012
How much is the pink strapless dress w ith embroidered bodice and askirt of cotton candy pink Tulle and what size does it come in

Laureen Vasquez  at 9:06 am on February 12, 2012
I want to purchase that dress for my wedding, regal pink wedding dress with gold butterfly accents. please email me information how to purchase website is in Japenese can't make anything out of it. my email is [email protected] Thank you

Synthia Louis  at 9:14 am on March 6, 2012
I love the blue one, minus the headpiece. My mom thinks I'm crazy! And seriously people, how does this website scream I sell clothes or design them? It looks like a blog. Lol Inspirasi!

Mel  at 3:04 am on August 31, 2012
i want the purple one with multi tiers can you email me with price info and how i can purchase it thanks

alycia  at 4:38 am on September 21, 2012
The website is not anything I can read. Is there a way to order one of the dress without having to hire a interpretor? Please email me back thank you.

Jennifer  at 11:01 am on February 14, 2013
Can you please email me as to how I can get one of these dresses without having to hire an interpretor to read the website. Thank you!

Jennifer  at 11:03 am on February 14, 2013
I'am also interested in knowing what the price for one of these dresses, and I've gone to the website, but I don't understand the website because its in Japanese,and I would want to know where I can get some more information.

Marlene Rodriguez  at 7:37 am on August 10, 2013
Im interested in the pink butterfly gown

Rebecca Gibson  at 10:52 am on August 20, 2013

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