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Maggie Austin Cake - Peony Frill wedding cake

We don’t post wedding cakes often here so when we do you know it’s gonna be something special. Okay, how exquisitely perfect are these cakes by Maggie Austin Cake? Above, the breathtakingly gorgeous peony frill tier cake; below, bold ombre orange petals cake.

Maggie Austin Cake - Petals wedding cake alternative

Black pearl – elegantly beautiful. The sugar oyster and pearl are remarkably realistic.

Maggie Austin Cake - Black pearl 4-tier wedding cakes

Pretty square cakes – three boxes of chocolate accented with roses and stunning white bas-relief.

Maggie Austin Cake - Three Boxes of Chocolate and Bas Relief white wedding cake

More frill cakes – rose and orchid. Don’t you just love the crepe-like layers?

Maggie Austin cake - Rose Frill and Orchid frill wedding cakes

Simply sweet bouquet trio.

Maggie Austin Cake - Bouquet trio of cakes

Check out the rest of the beautiful cakes in their portfolio here.

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