Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Spring/Summer 2011

Dearest wedding dress from Jenny Packham 2011 bridal gown collection

There’s a beautiful wedding dress for every taste with Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2011 bridal collection. Amazing variety of gorgeous gowns here from fabulous 1920s-1930s inspired frocks to classic A-line silhouettes. Above, the very lovely Dearest (even the name brings a smile to our faces); below, beautiful scalloped tiers of Giralda and Cascade.

Jenny Packham wedding dress 2011 bridal gown collection -- Giralda and Cascade

It’s about the shoulders and waist — an illusion of an hourglass figure is achieved with the cleverly placed details of Saskia and Gaia.

Jenny Packham wedding gowns 2011 bridal dress collection -- Saskia and Gaia

Art Nouveau romance meets Art Deco sensibility — feminine frills and flounces of Fontaine looks right out of an Alphonse Mucha illustration while the symmetrical beading of Eden has an almost architectural quality to it.

Jenny Packham wedding gown 2011 bridal dress collection -- Fontaine, Eden

Kiss and Bon Bon, two short dresses with layers of flirty, feminine details.

Jenny Packham short wedding dress 2011 bridal gown collection -- Kiss and Bon Bon tiered minidress

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Simply stunning Belita; Dolman-sleeved blouson gown with sexy keyhole accent, Antonella.

Belita and Antonella wedding gown from Jenny Packham 2011 bridal gown collection

Asteria with embellished waist and epaulette style shoulders; Eve with dramatic jeweled neck.

Asteria and Eve wedding dresses from Jenny Packham 2011 bridal gown collection

Clean lines and unadorned fabric is tempered by beautiful draping at the bodice, lending Berkley and Yevonde a quiet, elegant air of sophistication.

Berkley and Yevonde wedding gowns from Jenny Packham 2011 bridal dress collection

Ceres is a gossamer beauty, finished with a sweet bow at natural waist. Also look out for the champagne gold wedding gown Miley Cyrus wore at the 2010 Oscar red carpet in this collection (hint: it's called "Miley").

Jenny Packham wedding dresses 2011 bridal gown collection -- Ceres

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  • Blush

    Wow! I was not familiar with this designer – but I will keep my eye out for Jenny Packham in the future!

  • Jay Studio Photography

    absolutely love the first dress!

  • Marisa Hinds

    I am in love with the Gaia gown and am desperate to find a sample/preowned one for my bug day!! Any advice?

  • a concerned mommy

    The dresses are lovely however I find your choice of a model disturbing…..I truly hope my daughter never sees this site…this is part of the reason girls have eating disorders…be responsible in your advertising please.

  • Pandora

    These dresses are absolutely beautiful! I’m happy that I stumbled on this page.

    And to ‘a concerned mommy’ and any similar thinkers, I have the same appearance in weight as this model; I am naturally thin with a high metabolism, but my BMI is in the perfectly healthy range for my height. I went through all of school, 6th grade until graduation, constantly being asked if I was anorexic or bulimic, and getting shocked faces whenever I ate a normal amount around people. The continuous comments really messed with my confidence, even though I am at a healthy weight and am thin. I do not have a large bosom, and so always felt insecure about the bones on my chest, along with my awkwardly skinny wrists. I already felt this way, but have always had a lot of trouble gaining weight. The continuous direct comments on my weight, from friends, random passerbys, even a teacher, really made me feel abnormal; they all reinforced my insecurities and only encouraged my shyness. Please don’t think that just because a girl is skinny that she is doing something unhealthy to achieve that. I eat a ton, and have loved my mothers awesome cheesy, meaty, fatty, wonderful foods my whole life.

    You thinking that way so openly, such as insulting the model as you have done so, can cause the horrible self-appearance issues that you are trying to keep away from young girls like your daughter. Please keep in mind that discrimination and pressure to have a certain body can go both ways.