Barbie Bridal Wedding Dress 2010

Barbie Bridal 2010 wedding dress, white ball gown

The fourth collection from Barbie Bridal, their first offering for 2010, is a delightful candy buffet of pretty, colorful wedding gowns that would make any princess bride swoon. Come on, can you resist the sweet-as-pie confection of a dress above? Below, pickup gown with crystal accents. Oh, we love the matching gloves worn these dresses too.

Barbie Bridal white wedding gown with pickup skirt detail, worn with veil and elbow-length gloves - adorable, romantic princess

And now on to the color wedding dresses. How about a cotton candy pink ball gown with a large, pale blue bow accenting the waist?

Pink wedding dress from Barbie Bridal 2010 collection - Cute, princess ball gown with light blue bow

How sweet it is — striking cerise and black tiered gown. Macarons sold separately.

Barbie pink wedding dress with black bow sash, 2010 Barbie Bridal collection

Celebration of girlie cuteness — black polka dot and ruffles of pink, to top it all off — bows galore!

Barbie Bridal pink and black wedding dress with ball gown silhoutte and pink bows , 2010 collection

In case you haven't noticed, bows are big in this collection. Here's an adorable light blue gown with the cutest white bows dotting the skirt.

Light blue wedding dress with white bows from Barbie Bridal 2010

Tickled pink -- Or how about just one huge pink bow at the back? Aw, so cute!

Cute pink wedding dress from Barbie Bridal - hot pink bow at the bustle highlighting gathered ball gown skirt

Barbie girl forever! Show your love with a logo-print skirt on velvet black-based dress.

Cute Barbie Bridal black and pink wedding gown, worn with black gloves.

For more cute wedding gowns, click here.

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    We are not affiliate, vendors or supplier of any wedding dresses featured here, if you are interested in the dresses, contact them directly by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post.

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    We are not supplier of the dresses featured here.

    Please visit the link at the end of the post and contact them directly if you have any purchase enquiries about the dress. Thank you

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    I’m a Barbie Girl, #3,6,7, are so Sweet & Pretty.

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