Sugar Kei Sweet Princess Wedding Dresses

Sweet kawaii western wedding gown in pink with flowers attached by Sugar Kei

With wild ruffles, pompous details and textures, Sugar Kei collection of sweet wedding dress is perfect for the bride who loves a bit of drama and a lot of fun. Above,  for your inner Marie Antoinette — a pink confection of a ballgown complete with roses and big bouffant hair that might tempt brides who are into hime kei or Princess style; below mini feather top hat completes the Alice in Wonderland vibe of this salmon pink gown with clover club prints.

Alice in Wonderland wedding theme photo shoot with cards, coral, salmon pink and brown ruffle bridal gown

Interesting choice of prints for a wedding gown, these two dresses look like Japanese origami or patterned washi paper. Adore the color combination on the right.

Unique outrageous pompous - well decorated wedding dress

And the bride wore white — a ballgown that will surely turn heads.

Ballgown wedding dress suitable for a princess bride, wedding hat completes the look

And so did the groom… smart white suit with cream vest on the groom. Socks optional?

Tea Party or Alice in Wonderland wedding theme. White bridal gown and white tuxedo by Sugar Kei

Life’s peachy – orange, yellow and pink based gown with pretty, soft ruffles.

Life's peachy - super kawaiii cute and sweet wedding dresses from Sugar Kei

All shades of pink — carnation, cherry blossom, puce and iridiscent rose quartz — in one gown.

Pink ruffle wedding gown alal Barbie girl from Japanese based Sugar Kei

Gold on black chandelier print.

Jewel Candy wedding theme - a deep dark chocolate brown and coppery gold wedding dress by Sugar Kei

Welcome to my bridal boudoir… don’t you just love the opulent background filled with mirrors and crest shields?

Welcome to my bridal boudoir - white western wedding dress by Sugar Kei

Cherry chocolate candy – dusty pink and brown ballgowns.

Sugar Kei colorful ballgown western wedding  dresses in pink and brown

Sugar Kei wedding costumes are available for rent in various bridal outlets in Japan.

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Posted on: May 29th, 2010
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where can i get one of these dresses

sam  at 9:22 pm on August 12, 2010
How much is the first white dress (the one with the hat)? Estimated would be fine.

Kristel Tanzo  at 2:01 am on September 17, 2010
terima kasih banyak atas inspirasinya, moga sukses selalu.

handout  at 9:40 am on October 11, 2010
I really love all your posts here..please continue! thanks! :)

Carla  at 11:05 am on October 24, 2010
The dresses look amazing but the women look waaaaaay too skinny.

Kelly  at 7:25 pm on November 30, 2010
Is there anyway to get one here in America?

Hillary  at 12:46 am on December 15, 2010
Can they be purchased in the us????????

jackie  at 10:27 pm on February 2, 2011
Can I buy these dresses in Hong Kong ? If not, can you give me the contact details of the designer so that I can buy directly ? Thank you.

Jeannie  at 4:36 pm on June 4, 2011
The Bride wore White, Photo #4 I Love this Dress, So Gorgeous, I love the Pink Dress in Photo #1 Too.

Debbie  at 3:15 pm on June 6, 2011
Is there any way to order them online? or can they be found somewhere in the US?

Lauren Collins  at 2:32 am on June 27, 2011
I also would like to buy one, and am in the U.S.!!!

Melanie  at 7:34 am on July 16, 2011
i love these dresses. how much r they and how do i go about purchasing one?

toni doran  at 1:08 pm on October 1, 2011
The dresses are all lovely how can I come about to purchasing one? if any one knows how to get in contact with this company please give me a call 832-293-0958

ashley Sifuentes  at 10:15 pm on November 7, 2011
I would love to buy one of these to wear at my wedding :) I'd also love to know how much they are and how i'd go about ordering one thank you!

Amanda  at 3:08 am on February 28, 2012
Hello i'm from Oman.The dresses are all lovely how can I come about to purchasing one? if any one knows how to get in contact with this company & i want original dress same like picture please replay me soon because i want before 25/5/2012 thanks

Miss A  at 12:15 pm on April 10, 2012
I wanted to know is there anyway I can purchase one of these dresses online or in the U.S. Please let me know.Thank you

Ieshia  at 7:48 am on June 3, 2012
Can you please give me info on how the purchase one of these Sugar Kei dresses? I'm in the US and cannot find any info on how to buy one. Thanks!

Michelle D  at 3:25 pm on June 25, 2012
Please visit their website posted at the end of the post and contact them directly.

Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi  at 2:09 pm on June 27, 2012
where can I buy this online ? I mean I'm in united states so I can't buy it personally. What is their official website and how much do you think the dresses are ?thanks

Cindy  at 1:01 pm on July 13, 2012
Please visit their website(in Japanese) as show at the end of the post.

Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi  at 12:00 am on July 17, 2012
I like the black ball gown.It is so pretty!

Cinderella  at 10:03 am on November 9, 2012
I'm 10 years old and I really want to know where and how I can buy these dresses call for more info at 783-5945 access is 25047 mulling road Dexter NY

melissa Anderson  at 8:41 am on July 18, 2013
We do not sell the dresses featured here. Please visit the link to their website at the end of the post and contact them directly. Thanks!

Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi  at 11:01 am on August 2, 2014

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