Acquachiara 2010 Bridal Gown Collection

Acquachiara wedding dresses 2010 collection- kerria and thecla gowns

Wedding gowns from Acquachiara 2010 collection. Above, left: Kerria, organdy silk with scarf train; right: Thelca, beautiful silk organdy V-neckĀ  dress with hand-applied petals. Below, left: Felicia off-shoulder gown with many tiers of soft silk organdy; right: Coronilla silk taffeta gown with a poufy waist detail.

Acquachiara wedding gowns 2010 bridal collection - felicia and coronilla dresses

Left: Verbena – stunning macrame flowers on this dress with fantastic train; right: a more subdued Narciso dress with geometric sangallo lace flowers,satin neckline and cotton organdy train.

2010 collection Acquachiara bridal gowns - verbena and narciso dresses

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