A Simple Cake for Your Wedding

These confections with an air of understated elegance are from A Simple Cake by Gail Watson.

Quilted and modern swirl pattern wedding cake by A Simple Cake

“I have always tried to pay very close attention to what my clients’ needs and wishes are. A Simple Cake was created out of just that. More and more often, as much as the gloriously decorated cakes with a garden of hand molded sugar flowers on them were desired, budget and style concepts lead so many brides to say they wanted a delicious cake and a “simple cake”, not plain, not without style or quality, but simple elegance.”

Raining dots, lace buttercream or fondant wedding cakes from A Simple Cake, Gail Watson

Some of the decoration options: sugar bows and a set of 3 “garden roses”.

A Simple Cake made beautiful - customize your wedding cake decorations such as sugar bows or garden roses.

Some cakes from Gail Watson custom cakes main line.

Light blue and white with flowers, robin blue with brown trim cakes by Gail Watson

Dogwood cake with pale pink blossoms and chocolate brown = LOVE.

Pink and brown Dogwood cake,white winter leaf cake from Gail Watson

More at A Simple Cake’s website and Gail Watson’s website.

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