Suzanne Ermann Wedding Dresses

All the wedding dresses from Suzanne Ermann’s MariĆ©e Couture and SE Marier collections feature a unique detail — large ruffles of satin trim tulle. Talk about having a strong identifiable style!

Looks like the ribbons used by rhythmic gymnasts got freeze framed and then wrapped artistically around the clean lines of the gowns.

Robes de mariee Suzanne Ermann wedding gowns

Works nicely on this short in front, long at the back dress. Just wondering: would it get crushed into a limp pile or retain its puffed up lightness at the end of the day? Dress on the right has a tamer version used as detail around the waist as a peplum.

The long and short of it - short and long bridal gowns from Suzanne Ermann

Cute short wedding dresses. Flirty retro inspired fit and flare mini dress or smart tea dress for you?

Short, retro vintage style wedding dresses from Suzanne Ermann

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