The Ultimate Pink Wedding Dress Entry – Princess Ball Gown Edition

Ice Pink Princesses and Cotton Candy Fairies rejoice! This entry is full of PINK. And pictures of beautiful ball gowns. It may take awhile to load but if you’re into this, it will be worth it.

Small lady, big day - pretty pastel ball gowns fit for a Princess

A friend was lamenting about how difficult it is to find a nice princessy ball gown for her dream fairy tale themed wedding because the trend now is towards gowns with a slimmer silhouette. She wants it real dramatic and poufy. What’s making her choice harder is she wants to have her wedding gown in pink. Not something in a hint of light shimmery rose, not one with bits of blushing floral accents nor a white dress with a mostly-hidden crinoline of shocking hot pink. Nope. She wants it totally Barbie doll all-out PINK.

I’ve also received enquiries on pink wedding dresses which I’m lumping together in this post:

I am planning a pink wedding!!! But have some problems:
1. I like to have a big Cinderella gown type of dress. Is it possible to get an affordable one?
2. I am on the small side. Would it look funny on me?
3. I also want a pink gown. It is difficult to find one? Any good shops to recommend?
TQ so much <3<3<3

To the question, “would this look weird/funny on me” I only have this to say: Your wedding, your choice. Does Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw look good in her voluminous Vivienne Westwood number? The answer would be either yes or no depending on your taste. I think the Marie Antoinette costumes designed by Milena Canonero are  brilliant but you may disagree and that’s perfectly fine.

Pink Wedding Gown Inspiration

Ombré Princesses! Some examples of celebrity weddings featuring brides in pink off the top of my head: Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza in a pink and white Michael Ong creation and pink-dipped veil to match. Singer Gwen Stefani in gradated pink and white  John Galliano for Christian Dior silk faille gown.

Celebrities with pink wedding dresses - Siti Nurhaliza in Michael Ong and Gwen Stefani in John Galliano for Dior

Useless trivia no 1: Siti had to cancel her fairytale fantasy of a horse-drawn carriage ride on her wedding due to an earthly reason – traffic restrictions.

You would think that the Disney Bridal collection by Kirstie Kelly would have something pinkish or more “Princess-y” in nature but overall the dresses here are more grown up. Here are some pieces from the collection:

Disney Princess bridal gowns designed by Kirstie Kelly - shown here is Sleeping Beauty

Hmm..I wonder where Princesses Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Aurora et al buy their costumes…

Stuff of a billion girls’ dream (including Siti’s) –- a princess gown and horse-driven carriage. Oh, and Prince Charming. And that large castle at the top of the hill. And a bevy of helpful maids. And lotsa spending money.

Details of a Princess Wedding theme - horse-drawn carriage, ball gown, gloves, Prince Charming

Useless trivia no 2:
When I was a kid I was bit of a tomboy. But one day, under the hypnotic  influence of countless girl-centric ads on Saturday morning TV,  I requested for a doll. Just one. And that was the only doll I ever had. Ever. It was… a Barbie doll. In a flouncy pink ball gown.

Can you blame me? On the left is the Barbie Collector Pink Label Barbie 2008

, the elegant outfit on the right belongs to Barbie Collector Pink Ribbon Barbie Doll

Barbie collectors pink label doll 2008, 2009

Try challenging stereotypes while resisting these when you’re an 8 year old girl. I dare you!

Barbie dolls in various pink gowns, including wedding dress with pink sash

Where to Find Pink Wedding Dresses

If you have a gown in mind, ask the bridal house or designer if it is available in the color you want. If they don’t have one off the rack, enquire if they could create one MTM (made to measure) in the colour of your choice. East Asian bridal houses (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) seem to have more fantasy style ball gowns in fancy colors because they are more into the themed photography thingy. Here are some gowns from Tsai Mei Yue.

Cherry Blossoms  Lady - ruffles and tulles rule.

Pink wedding ball gown from Chinese bridal house Tsai Mei Yue

Comes with ribbons - just add gloves and a tiara.

Cheap, affordable and cute pink wedding gowns from China bridal house Tsai Mei Yue

Recently featured here, RS Couture has some beautiful dresses in a gorgeous shade of light rose (though not of the ball gowns). You can also check out Ian Stuart collection in antique pinks. St Pucchi has a number of dramatic gowns you might also want to check out.

The left gown by Ysa Makino may not be pink, but it looks quite fit for royalty in all its gold splendour. Gorgeous petal gown in a gentle shade of carnation pink.

Gold bustle gown and light pink petal gown from Ysa Makino for the Princess Bride

A yummy strapless Sophia Tolli piece in tea rose. A two-toned dress from Marina K for those who wants a bit of cream with their raspberries (sorry if that sounds like a poorly constructed euphemism, I'm just talking colours folks )

Pink ball gowns from Marina K and Sopha Tolli

If you want something affordable and happen to be of small build you can consider looking at prom dresses and also dresses for Sweet 16s and Quinceañera (coming of age ceremony in Latin America culture). Since the models look quite young and petite, it would also give you a good idea of the big gown on small frame look.

Some lovely Quince gowns from Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner. Quite a steal at US$350-500. Scalloped hem is very sweet, flower and ribbons are quite the treat.

Cute deep cerise and salmon pink prom or quince dresses from Mori Lee Quinceanera collection

Ballet pink and all that jazz or a bright, fuchsia razzmatazz? LOL, I'm running out of captions.

Baby rose and hot pink Quinceanera or prom dresses by Mori Lee used as wedding dress

These two neon pinks are from Alyce Designs.

Cool pink tulle dress and ruched ball gown for a petite lady's wedding, prom or coming of age ceremony

Finding shoes to go with the color of your choice can be another mammoth task. You can take a cue from the design detail of your dress, e.g. silver shoes to match silver beading. You can also get dyeable shoes or find stores that can dye shoes to match your clothing. For those in Singapore, I think Leapin' Lizard at International Plaza is able to do this.


Time for a Wedding Inspirasi Remix. Love this feathery spaghetti strep ball gown with visible boning from Pnina Tornai. It is given a deep cerise wash. Do you like it?

Over the top feather ball gown silhouette by Pnina Tornai. Cerise pink remix by Wedding Inspirasi

And saving the best for last. This is what I'd envision as the ultimate Princess Fairytale Gown! Presented to you in PINK by WI.  It looks like someone went crazy with the cake icing. Flowers! Ribbons! Pleats! Ruffles! Beads! Sequins! Embroidery! Everything! Oh, but they forgot to put gloves on her, maybe that's why she's sulking. Ha ha.

The ultimate Cinderalla fairytale princess ball gown for a wedding - in pink and white, by Pnina Tornai, remix by Wedding Inspirasi

Phew! So there you have it, an entry dedicated to pink wedding dresses. And we’ve made it all the way to the end of the post without ever mentioning the Hello Kitty wedding dress. ;)

More pink ball gowns

Sweet Wedding Dresses from Barbie Bridal
Romantic Wedding Gowns from Jill Stuart
Marie Antoinette Costumes
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