Wedding In Color by RS Couture

Gorgeous gowns from RS Couture by Renato Savi. Before we check out the color wedding dresses, let’s see some white ones. These dresses definitely give me an Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe. Must be something to do with combining a slim column or A-line silhouette with gloves, and oh, not forgetting a bouffant updo.

Audrey Hepburn inspired wedding gown with gloves

Volume vs Streamline? Equally stunning A-line ruffle gown and a ethereal Grecian-esque dress. These dresses and the ones above are from the Tiffany Collection.
Ruffle gown with halter neck or spaghetti strap column gown

Well the title of this post is Wedding in Color, so let’s move away from white wedding dresses now and on to these luscious red gowns from the aptly titled Scarlet Collection.
Luscious deep red color wedding gown from the Scarlet Collection RS Couture

From deeps reds, we move swiftly on to the most gorgeous shade of cotton candy pink! I thought Pink Dress = Princess but these are so elegantly classy. I never knew pink dresses could look this good. The rosettes complements the dresses nicely. So sweet!

Light cotton candy pink wedding dress with rosettes from RS Couture Silver Collection by Renato Savi

OMG! So in love with these baby blue gowns. Beautiful bustle detail on the right.
Light baby blue wedding gown with bustle detail from RS Couture by Renato Savi

The two white dresses below are from the Silver Collection, as are the pinks and light blue ones above.
Lace wedding white wedding gown, beautiful back detail on the other dress by Italian designer

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  • Jenny Ann Corleto

    Hi! I like your dresses. I would love to see the front side of the light pink or light blue gown.

  • Jeejia

    How can I find out what the dress material is, and where are these dresses sold?

  • Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi

    You may contact RS Couture for detailed information

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    I am interested in the Pink Dress. Is this ready made for sale ?

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    Is the cotton candy dress for sale, and if so how can I buy it and what is the cost?

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    I absolutely loved both of the candy pink wedding dresses! I’d love to see it from the front side. I fell in love with both of them. If you can send me more information that will be wonderful. Patiently waiting for you response

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    I am interested in the baby blue dress.. please let me know how I can find it ….

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    I’m so inlove withe blue dress. I’m really interested with full look of that blue dress

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    I really love your baby blue wedding dresses, especially the one on the left. May I get more details photos and some information about the material please?

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    I love the baby blue wedding gown!I would love to know where it is sold and also get some additional information and photos of the front. Please?

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    I am trying like crazy to find the pale pink wedding dress on the left side of the picture!! Can anyone help?

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    Please can you tell me where I can find the light blue dress on the left and also the headband as I’ve been trying to find it but am having no luck.
    I hope you can help

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    Can you please tell me were I can buy the Roma pink wedding dress by Rentao Savi???

  • Nina @ Wedding Inspirasi

    We do not sell any of the dresses featured. Please visit their website and contact them directly. The site link is seen at the end of the post. Thank you.

  • Michelle

    Would like to see the front of the pink gown on left also price point if still available.

    Thank you!

  • Fernanda

    I would like to see the front side of the light pink/blue dresses, and know where could I buy them? Thank you (: *

  • Fernanda

    I would love to see the front of the pink/blue dresses and know where I could order/buy them. Thanks!

  • JOAN

    I would really like to purchase the pink dress on the right.
    It is gorgeous. Even if it is second hand.
    And how long would I need to wait to recieve the dress?