Classic Romantic – Pale Pink Wedding Theme

Want to use pink as a wedding theme without going all frilly and Princessey? The key is to use a gentle shade of rose, set it against a more masculine color like grey, pepper shades of robin blue for interest and add burnt sienna to accent. Result? A warm, inviting and romantic setting.

The colors used in this Classic Romantic wedding theme are: pale dusty pink, warm grey, dark grey, robin blue, burnt sienna and cream.

Wedding theme: Light dusty pink, light warm grey, dark warm gray, robin blue, burnt sienna orange palette

Starting point – a pale dusty pink backdrop. The look is relaxed yet classy when set with a light grey table and darker gray vase bearing fresh pale pink and cream roses. On the right, a pretty all-pink ensemble. To prevent the drowning-in-a-sea-of-pink look, lots of off-white pieces are used for the plates, wooden chairs (love it) and table setting.

The theme is pink: Pale pinks, greys and splashes of champagne gold - lovely pastel wedding color palette

Doesn’t the pink stand out against the warm grey tablecloth? The details of the monograms on the favor boxes on the right is in a dark cool gray, as is the top most favor on the left. A soothing shade of robin blue is a great complement to pale pink .

Pale dusty pink, warm grey, robin blue DIY wedding favors

For a bolder accent, introduce a vibrant yet earthy colour — burnt sienna. This shade of brown has the right amount of red/orange to stand out without overpowering the rest of the colors. It also have a kind of retro feel, a great addition to this romantic palette. It works well set against light blue or cream background as pictured on the matchbox favors on the left.

Robin blue personalised matchstick favor, for a pink, blue, grey, orange wedding theme

Q: If you were to go with this theme, would you wear:

A) an ivory (or any other off-white) wedding gown to go with the theme or

B) a timeless crisp white wedding dress or

C) purple with pink stripes or *insert another color*

Pictures are from Martha Stewart.

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Posted on: November 10th, 2009
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