Bridal Accessories Inspiration – Marie Antoinette Part 2: Shoes and Hand Fans

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst DVD coverIn the last post about Marie Antoinette we looked at the elaborate costumes Kirsten Dunst wore in the Sofia Coppola movie. In this entry, the focus is on the accessories featured in the movie — specifically the beautiful shoes!

The scenes involving Marie Antoinette on a crazy “shopping spree” at her not-so-humble royal abode is the highlight of this movie for me. It shows Marie selecting her favorite shoes from a smorgasbord of fancy designer footwear.

Marie Antoinette colorful shoes by Manolo Blahnik
Manolo Blahnik created “hundreds of shoes” specially for the film to complement the fancy costumes. The Spanish shoe designer worked with the same palette of pretty colors — light pinks, robin egg blues, dusty mauves — and added few bolder ones like – canary yellow and even fur-lined black and gray .

Wedding shoes in color - inspiration from the Sofia Coppola movie

Converse high-tops or Manolos for the young Queen of France? According to director Sofia Coppola, the sneakers were placed in one of the scenes (a very brief one), as an allusion to Marie being a typical teenager.

Converse high top sneakers or Manolo Blahniks for young teenage queen of France, Marie Antoinette

Another accessory prominently featured in the film – the hand-held folded fan. Pretty paper hand fans make great wedding favors, don’t you think?

Lace, silk and paper painted hand fans suitable as wedding favor gifts

Paper, lace, silk, painted, embroidered, beaded — the gorgeous fans are used more as a fashion accessory rather than a functional implement…

Marie Antoinette painted silk, lace and paper hand fans

but of course, it has practical purposes, like um, covering one’s modesty. He he.

Marie Antoinette dressed only in stockings, feathers and fan

What do you think of pairing colored shoes with a white wedding dress?

silk and satin manolo blahnik shoes in marie antoinette

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Posted on: September 25th, 2009
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where can I find the Marie Antionette shoes

ROSE  at 10:11 pm on April 11, 2010
Love The Pretty Fans.

Debbie  at 11:45 am on June 16, 2011
I LOVE MARIE ANOINETTE SO FRICKEN MUCH! I WANT TO BE HER!!!!!! And this website is frickin amazin!

Danielle  at 2:57 am on June 17, 2011
I love painting and making handcrafts. After graduation, I set up this Studio, dedicating in designing and making hand painted canvas shoes.

mypainted  at 5:28 pm on May 23, 2013

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