Traditional Wedding Dress Designer – Anne Avantie

Anne Avantie is a designer specializing in modern baju kebaya. She hails from Indonesia and is one of the leaders in her field. Here’s a design that demonstrates how Anne pushes the envelope of the classic kebaya silhoutte:

Anne Avantie pereka baju kebaya tersohor Indonesia

Poufy sleeves! Floor-length top! Wait is this a supposed to be a kebaya in the first place? I’m not too sure, but it will be quite a statement to wear to a wedding or a party, no?

Ah, here’s a more traditional looking kebaya. Except that in place of normal covered sleeves, she uses frilly arm floats (for a lack of a better description). I really, really like this design and texture, though I’d prefer if the dress came with normal sleeves.

Kebaya moden oleh Anne Avantie

Gorgeous colours on this one. Somehow the hijab intergrates very well into the whole silhoutte. Light and airy all around the body, closed and covered for the head. I approve.

Modern kebaya with hijab by muslimah fashion designer Anne Avantie

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