Wedding Gown Designer – Rizalman Ibrahim

Rizalman Ibrahim is a couture designer hailing from Malaysia. Some of the pieces from his 2008 bridal collection. Below is either Grecian or Roman inspired draped dress or maybe a Morrocan-style kaftan. In any case a very pretty dress.

baju pengantin Rizalman Ibrahim

Malays and Straits Chinese of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore wear a traditional costume called the kebaya on special occasions. The ensemble consists of a blouse and fitted long skirt. If the kebaya top is sheer, a corset is worn underneath. The blouse opens from the front and may or may not require brooches, called the kerongsang, to complete the look. The bottom is usually a fitted maxi skirt using batik, sarong or songket (all traditional fabrics).

Here’s a somewhat traditional kebaya top. The top is made of lace and conforms tightly to the wearer’s figure. She pairs it with a white satin skirt (not traditional).

kebaya pengantin rizalman ibrahim

A modern kebaya. I think this is a fusion kebaya called the kebarung, a portmanteau of “kebaya” and “baju kurung” (another traditional costume favoured by the Malays) which is looser and longer.

kebarung atau kebaya moden longgar rizalman ibrahim

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  1. sy minat design rizalman dr sejak bangku ingin tahu harga utk busana pkahwinan kebaya moden.

  2. sy minat design ingin tahu harga utk busana kebaya pengantin (kebaya top & a white satin skirt (not traditional).

  3. says suka sekali dnh mdl ke 2,3,gmn cara’y saya sa memiliki itu,dan brp hrg’y,saya minat sekali,,