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Traditionally, the Chinese have elaborately decorated bridal chambers with red sheets, curtains and what not. From the last few Chinese weddings I’ve been to, it seems that this tradition has taken a back seat in favor simpler bedding.

bridal chamber in red, kamar pengantin warna merah

The Malays love taking the kamar or bilik pengantin (wedding couple bedroom) to a cinematic level. One of the first things that families have to decide on is the bedroom furniture set. If the current one in the bride’s room is looking worse for wear, the set may be replaced with a totally new one. Then comes the decoration. Flowers, custom-made satin sheets, fancy draping of curtains are common. In the last decade we saw the addition of fake chandeliers, netting of fairy lights, tassels and custom structures to evoke a feeling of being in a royal boudoir. But as with gubahan hantaran (betrothal gift arrangement), we recently see a preference for simpler, cleaner designs.

I’m not sure where this culture is adopted from, but I believe most cultures do jazz up their bedrooms in preparation for the wedding. It will especially be a bit of a downer for one if the bedroom is not special done up for the wedding day.

Whatever it is, I love an white bedding. So pure and virginal.

Here are some lovely white bed linen. Unusual ruffling on the pillows and sheets from Shabby Chic. I haven’t seen large mirrors used this way before. Do you like this bed?

bilik pengantin drama, theatrical wedding room

Another one with chandelier and similar bed. This image is from Sferra Linen.

kamar tidur putih buat pegantin, white bed linen

How comfy does this look? I could jump onto this bed right now. The curtained four-poster bed gives a romantic feel. But my darling doesn’t like 4-poster beds, he said it reminds him of the Exorcist. Er.. okay.

romantic 4-poster bed, bilik tidur romantik warna putih
These sheets look more luxurious. I love the layering of whites.

cadar pengantin putih, white layers of bedlinen

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Posted on: November 13th, 2008
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