Wedding Themes – White

As a kid, when I think of weddings, I’d surely dream of an all-white wedding theme. White is a pure and evergreen favorite. Classic yet contemporary. Until now a white traditional baju is the first choice for a solemnization ceremony or akad nikah. Wedding gown in white is customary too, right?

Wedding Theme
A white themed wedding is clean and contemporary. Here’s Amy Atlas with her beautiful white wedding setting. This is a great idea…

amy atlas white wedding theme, tema majlis perkahwinan putih

Wedding Food
Look at all these white things. I can’t really tell what the top two things are (marshmallows dipped in hundreds and thousands on stick and rose-shaped cookies?) but they sure are pretty. If you’re getting an all-in wedding package locally, it can sometimes be slightly challenging to have them customized the catered food to an all-white theme (specialised catering companies will do this) but this idea can be applied for simple engagement or tea receptions.

makanan majlis perkahwinan tema putih, white wedding banquet  buffet food selection

Almond nougat, macaroons, marshmallows were some of the sweet treats used in the setting above.

Wedding Cake
Check out the all-white multi-layered wedding cake below. Very elegant and sophisticated, eh? The details can be seen and appreciated from afar. If you’re planning an all white wedding it’s good to think of a secondary color to contrast or complement. Something like champagne gold adds a touch of glamour.

kek kahwin warna putih bercorak, all-white wedding cake

Hand Bouquet
If you’re having an all-white theme, you may be tempted to get white flowers to be the base of your hand bouquet. To add a touch of interest try incorporating another color so that the flowers would not get lost in a sea of white. You can try matching the bouquet with ribbons of gold, silver or for the daring, black. Dramatic monochromatic!

black and white hand bouquet for wedding, bunga tangan pengantin hitam putih

Usually large white flowers are matched with some greens and smaller flowers for a bit of contrast and interest.

hand bouquet bunga pengantin

I love this cascading floral composition and the combination fresh green and off-white below. Beautiful!

bunga perkahwinan, wedding flowers

Hand bouquet arrangements from Martha Stewart.

Wedding Favors (Berkat)
I rarely see wedding favors acting as centrepieces at a wedding reception here. Here's a creative idea -- plain white favor boxes are stacked to form a "wedding cake".

kotak berkat kek, wedding favor cake

Wedding Dress

gaun pengantin lace bolero wedding gown

This gown is a bit like the (Grace Kelly inspired?) one Malaysian actress Maya Karin wore at her wedding at Lake Como Italy. I like the flexibility of a removable lace bolero. The medium gray suit with light blue tie and shirt for the groom is a fresher option than the usual black + white outfit.

Baju Maya Karin kahwin di Lake Como, Malaysian actress in her Grace Kelly inspired wedding gown

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